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VG Gamer vs Nebula and VG Comet

“So how are you and vampire getting along?” Nebula asked.
“We’re doing great. I know he likes you but I’m not jealous. Anyways, he even sang a new song to me. He’s so dreamy” VG Comet sighs in love.
“Ah, looks like you’re in love” Nebula smirked.
VG Comet blushed and giggles.
“How handsome do you think he is?” Nebula asked.
“Very handsome. The tattoo on his back makes him look so sexy” VG Comet sighs dreamily.
“And Gothy?” Nebula said.
“Yeah” VG Comet added.
“I see. Man, what’s taking him so long to get his butt over here? This is really---KYAH!!!” Nebula’s instincts took over when she kicked someone from behind.
But the person behind her grabbed her leg.
“Hey!” Nebula punched the person.
The person dodged, then came out from behind her.
“Ugh!” Nebula grunts from getting hit behind.
“VG Gamer!” Nebula gets in her fighting stance.
So did VG Comet.
“Two against one” VG Comet smirked.
"Bring it on" VG Gamer smirked back.
“With pleasure” the girls said at the same time.
“KYAH!!” they fight him.
He dodged their attacks, then sweep kicked them.
They dodged his kick.
“You forgot to shout ‘Kyah’ vampire. KYAH!” Nebula kicks him.
"That's not really my style" VG Gamer grabbed her leg.
“Hmph!” Nebula flips him over and passes him to VG Comet.
“Kyah!” VG Comet tries to slash him with her black claws without hurting him.
But he dodged the slash and flipped Nebula over.
“Kyah!” Nebula kicked him in the crotch.
He managed to grab her leg just in time.
“Kyah!” VG Comet grabs him and tosses him aside.
“Phhhbbbtttt!!!!” she blew raspberry.
He chuckled as he rolled to his feet.
Nebula threw purple energy blasts at him.
He dodged the blasts.
“Kyah!” VG Comet punches him.
He blocked the punch.
Nebula slams him against the wall.
“Too slow” she smirked with her fangs.
"Oh really?" VG Gamer chuckled.
He kicked against the wall and slammed her into it.
She disappears.
“Hai! Kyah!” VG Comet flipped him down.
“Hi” she winked.
"Hello" he winked back as he sweep kicked her.
“Missed me” VG Comet flew in the air to the ceiling along with Nebula.
“Phhhbbbbtttt!!!” they both blew raspberry.
VG Gamer flew up, grabbed their legs, then flew to the ground.
“Ugh!” they both grunted.
"Ready to give up?" VG Gamer smirked.
They both kip up to their feet, “Never!”
“Oh, really?” VG Gamer took off his shirt and reveal his perfect torso.
This made VG Comet and Nebula stunned at seeing his abs.
“….uhhh……” they drooled.
He chuckled and went up to them.
Nebula snapped out of her trance, “Kyah!” she punches him.
He blocked it, then rubbed her fist against his abs.
She gasps and blushes.
VG Comet snapped out of her trance and felt a little tired to fight him.
"I'm done" she said.
“I’m not!” Nebula struggled to get free and not to fall in a trance by feeling her fist rubbing against VG Gamer’s abs.
She blushes hard.
He rubbed her fist harder against his abs.
“No! No! No!” she struggled.
But it wasn't enough.
“Whoa!” she was pulled down and lands on top of him.
She gulps and blushes hard.
He chuckled and continued rubbing her fist.
“Grrr!!” she bit his neck to make him stop.
But he shoved her head off while still rubbing her fist against his abs.
“Enough already!!!” Nebula slaps him on the back of his head.
"All right" VG Gamer shrugged as he let go.
“And don’t even try to charm on me with your annoying sexy abs again!” Nebula growled in his face.
"Maybe, maybe not" VG Gamer chuckled.
“That’s it! Grrr!!!” she tackles him down and yanks his quills.
“You take it back!” she shouted.
“Take it back!” she yanks his quill again.
"Never" VG Gamer kicked her off.
“Guys! Please, calm down! No more fighting” VG Comet got between them.
“Fine. I just hate it when my anger takes over I go crazy” Nebula crossed her arms and settles down.
VG Gamer got to his feet.
“The next time you try to charm me again, I’ll kick you in the nuts!!!” Nebula growled in his face.
"Whatever" VG Gamer said.
“And don’t forget, I got the same tattoo as yours” Nebula removes her shirt but her bra and show him her tattoo on her back.
"Cool" VG Gamer said.
“Thanks” Nebula smirked.
“Phhhbbbbttttt!!!!” she blew raspberry.
VG Gamer chuckled.
“Hasta la bye bye” Nebula puts her shirt back on and leaves.
"See ya" VG Gamer said as she left.
VG Gamer belongs to :iconfun2468funfunfun:
Nebula and VG Comet belongs to me.
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GothNebula Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Student Artist
Nebula: *tries to focus on fighting him without looking at his abs* Kyah! Ha! Kyah! *fights him*
GamertheHedgehog Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012
VG Gamer: *blocks the blows with his abs*
GothNebula Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Student Artist
Nebula: Yo! Stop that! *fights him and kicks his abs*
GamertheHedgehog Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012
VG Gamer: *doesn't budge* I can't help it if I've got rock hard abs.
GothNebula Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Student Artist
Nebula: *blushes* Shut up! *tackles him down*
GamertheHedgehog Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012
VG Gamer: *rolls*
GothNebula Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Student Artist
Nebula: *grunts and kicks him off* Phhhbbbttt!!!! *blows raspberry*
GamertheHedgehog Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012
VG Gamer: *chuckles*
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