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Somewhere in a secret lab, Dr. Eggman was bored and have started the idea of giving up. His assistants Decoe and Bocoe came up to his chair at a fireplace.
"What's wrong sir?" Decoe asked his master. Eggman sighs and places his hand on his forehead.
"There's no way I'll defeat that blue hedgehog and his girl, I lose every time" Eggman said, depressed and facepalms.
"Oh sir, why don't you just give up on attacking the hedgehog and get a life" Bocoe pats Eggman on the shoulder. The doctor then slams his fist on the chair and turned to the robots.
"I'LL GET A LIFE ONCE THE HEDGEHOG AND HIS STUPID FRIENDS ARE GONE!!!" Eggman yelled. Decoe and Bocoe backs off.
"Sir, calm down or you'll get a heart attack" Decoe begged his creator. Eggman soon calms down.
"Alright, I'm perfectly calm now. Now, I need to think for myself, Bocoe and Decoe leave the room please" Eggman said.
"Yes master" they both said unison and leaves the room. Eggman sat and thinks for 10 minutes until he grins evilly.
"Ah yes. What if I made robots that can copy their abilities and skills, then I have my chance to finish Sonic! MUA HAHAHAHAHA!" Eggman laughed like a maniac as a thunderstorm strikes outside the base.

Meanwhile, Tails walked with Cream back home and they held hands.
"Tails, you really have become a gentleman" Cream commented on Tails’ new behavior.
"Thanks Cream, Rouge has taught me that and even brought this tuxedo for me" Tails said.
"That Rouge is so kind, she must be like a mother to you"
"Yeah, you are right sweetheart" Tails said as they arrived back to Cream and Vanilla’s house.
Just as Cream is about to get in, Tails stopped her for a moment. They looked at each other in the eyes and they kissed for the first time. They then broke the kiss for air.
"I'll see ya tomorrow, Cream" Tails said with a gentle voice.
"Sure, 10 pm tomorrow" Cream waved good bye to Tails as he blushed for kissing her for the first time.
"She's so sweet" Tails thought and walks back home to Sonic and Amy's house. Once he arrived, he quietly opens the door and upstairs he walked past Sonic and Amy’s room, he saw the two sleeping and smiled for that they are a happy couple.
He then walks to his bed.

(The next day)
Amy was first to wake up and takes off her nightgown and puts on the robe. She opens the curtains seeing the sunrise.
Sonic then wakes up and saw his girlfriend standing in the sunlight. He yawned a little and put his pants on.
"Good morning, Sonikku" Amy said with a loving voice.
"Good morning, Ames" Sonic said tiredly and gets up from the bed. Amy then heads for the shower and locked the door.
She hanged her robe on a hook and walked in to the shower. She was very careful with the wounds.
Moments later she dried herself and put on casual clothes instead for her agent clothes since they are on a break from G.U.N.
Sonic, Amy and Tails are having pancakes for breakfast. To the pancakes they had syrup, orange drink and milk.
"So how was your date with Cream?” Sonic asked Tails who was eating his pancakes.
"Great, we are now a love-couple and I have heard she has gotten black belt in karate" Tails looked up and smiled.
"Oh great, you must be a lucky boy" Amy was surprised and pats Tails on the shoulder.
"Thanks Amy" Tails said.

A while later, the guys are at the bowling alley while the girls are at the mall looking for something to buy. Amy was looking for a beautiful necklace along with Cream while Rouge is looking for a gift for Knuckles to show him her true feelings to him. Blaze was trying new shoes and she tries one that was light blue with sparkles, but she saw the price of them and didn't buy them. With Amy and Cream, Amy finally saw the store Rouge was at earlier and she then saw a golden necklace with a sapphire on shining in the light. She stared at it but saw it was expensive.
"Maybe I should wait buying this" Amy said.

Back to the guys at the bowling alley, Silver was getting a strike.
"Wow, I'm on top today guy" Silver cheered and sat down on his seat. Shadow then gets up and takes his ball. He focused on the pins and threw away the ball and got 8 of the pins down.
"Hmph, seems like I'm gonna get a spare" Shadow shrugs and waits for the ball and when it came he picked it up and rolled it away to the two pins and they both gets knocked down. Shadow then gets to his seat as it was Sonic's turn.
"You know guys, I must admit that it feels great that Scourge is gone forever" Sonic said.
"Yeah that pervert is a pest, he won't stop raping girls and women" Tails said. Sonic rolled the ball away and it knocked down 6 of the pins and later he knocked down the two of the remaining pins. It was then Tails turn and when he threw away his ball, he got a strike.
"YES!" Tails jumped in the air and cheered but got interrupted by people screaming outside.
"What the hell is going on?" Shadow asked a human teenager who was about to run out from the alley.
"I don't know, but I hear explosions" the teen said and ran off.
"COME ON BOYS! LET’S GO!" Shadow ordered Sonic, Silver and Tails to follow him and see what's going on.

Near Station Square's City hall, four robots resembling the Triple S and Tails are destroying everything in their path. The differences from the real ones is that their eyes were glowing red often so the citizens knows who's real and fake, but they also wear black leather outfit or catsuits. The fake Sonic sees the real ones coming.
"Alright, looks like our master is going to be proud when we defeat them" Fake Sonic said with a monotone voice. Then the real ones stopped in front of them.
"Oh boy. If I'm right, you are robotic doubles of us created by Egghead" Sonic said sarcastically; they nodded.
"That's right and we are different from the previous ones" Fake Tails said grinning. The real Triple S and Tails stands in fighting positions and so did the fake ones. They charge at each other and they were fighting for 10 minutes. To their shock, these robots have same abilities and even the martial art skills they learned. Fake Sonic threw Sonic at a fire hydrant, causing it to leak water all over.
"God almighty! I have to overcome my fear for water but man these robots are tough!” Sonic thought and gets back up and tries to spin dash at it but Fake Sonic counters with its own. At the same time, Fake Silver throws a school bus with kids inside and they screamed in panic when they are thrown to a building but Silver saves them in time with his telekinesis. He gently puts it down.
"Get out of here now!" Silver tells the kids to leave the bus as Fake Silver tackles him at the bus which the children have left.
He struggles against his grip but then kicks him of him. Silver then tries to use his psychic powers to throw several jars with flowers at Fake Silver, but he counters his attack with his own psychic powers and throws them back at Silver who struggles.
With Tails and his counterpart, it was difficult for him to use his skills, but he managed to rip off the skin on the robot's arm.
"Now you’re so gonna get it!" Fake Tails yelled and elbows Tails really hard. Tails hold for his stomach but recovers and throws Fake Tails at the City Hall's windows.
"That was too easy to fight myself" Tails smirks but heard him move from the rubble.
"Oh man" Tails’ eyes widen as Fake Tails flies out and slams him in the face but Tails then sweep kicks at him as the fight continues.

With Amy and the girls they see the fight on a television at a Cafe. Amy gasps in shock seeing her boyfriend getting beaten and so is Blaze and Cream. Rouge is worried of any of them being killed.
"We must help them girls!" Rouge told them with bravely. The girls agreed and ran out from the Cafe.
"Yeah, let’s go and help them before it's too late!" Amy said while running.

With the guys again, Shadow is thrown through several cars and lands on an oil truck and he sees Fake Shadow approaching.
"Ugh! Why am I, the Ultimate Lifeform f***king beaten?!" Shadow groans in pains and gets up but Fake Shadow slams him on the truck and makes the tank leak oil from it. Shadow then headbutts Fake Shadow but bleeds a bit on the forehead.
"CHAOS SPEAR!!!" Shadow throws his spears at Fake Shadow but it countered with his own chaos spears.
"Have you forgotten that I have the same abilities like you?" Fake Shadow taunted him and spin dashes at Shadow. But Shadow counters with his own spin dashing and after the struggle. Shadow then tries time stopping but gets surprised by Fake Shadow's time stopping.
"Tsk tsk tsk. You are so dead!" Fake Shadow said as he punched Shadow really hard in the face and twisted his right arm. Shadow yells in pain and grabs his arm, leaving his left arm only useful.
"I will show you the Life of the ULTIMATE LIFEFORM!!!" Shadow screamed and gets a red glow around him and then a crimson fiery aura and slams Fake Shadow at the ground, it seems that Shadow got the upper hand when the fake one's eyes started to fade.
"I knew I'm still the Ultimate Lifeform" Shadow said weakly and walks away, unaware that Fake Shadow is preparing a chaos blast.
"Say good night Faker, CHAOS BLAST!" Fake Shadow shouts as he fires the blast at Shadow but he heard Fake Shadow shout and he dodged the blast in time.
"Ha! Think I didn't notice, huh?" Shadow taunted him. Just then, Fake Sonic threw Sonic at Shadow, making them both crash in the asphalt creating a crater. Then the fake gang threw the defeated Silver and Tails to Sonic and Shadow to a pile.
"Hehehe......not so tough now, huh?" Fake Tails said.
" the hero losing? Too bad" Fake Sonic chuckled.
"Heh, I guess you're still emo since I kicked your ass" Fake Shadow grinned evilly with his eyes flared red
"It's no use, hedgehog" Fake Silver smirked at Silver who was too weak to move. Just as the fake ones is about to finish them, the girls arrived in time and they are looking very pissed off, especially Amy. Fake Shadow turned and smirks.
"Ah, so the girls has come to save their precious weak boys" Fake Silver said evilly.
"Yes and we are gonna kick your freaking asses" Blazes hands started to produce fire. Amy then saw Sonic covered in bruises and scratches.
"And you Fake Sonikku are so GONNA GET IT!" Amy screamed and takes out a grenade.
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Shadowprower30 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow amazin 
CyotheLion Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Hobbyist
Yeah. Specially when Shadow yelled I will show you the Life of the Ultimate lifeform!
Shadowprower30 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
CyotheLion Featured By Owner Edited Sep 3, 2014  Hobbyist
It's a refrence to Barton Fink.
Shadowprower30 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
CyotheLion Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Hobbyist
And also, it's kinda cool that Shadow can still fight with one hand after his other one is broken
Shadowprower30 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ya it's amazing
CyotheLion Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Hobbyist
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LOL "God almighty! I have to overcome my fear for water"
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