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Ex:.:PC:. GhosttheHedgehog12 by GothNebula.:PC:. Mily2412 by GothNebula.:PC:. TomboyishSonicLover by GothNebula

Line Art

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Ex:.:PC:. Tonicthehegehog by GothNebula.:PC:. Lubia193 by GothNebula.:PC:. Dry-Rowseroopa by GothNebula


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Ex:.:PC:. KeyaraHedgehog09 by GothNebulaArt Trade: KechiTheHedgehog by GothNebula.:PC:. Van-NovemberTopaz by GothNebula.:PC:. GodzillaJAPAN by GothNebula

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Send a link to me at what you want me to draw. I can only draw Sonic characters.


Ninja Nebula by GothNebula.:Contest:. Lara's New Outfit by GothNebulaDark Amy Rose by GothNebulaAmy Rose in leather by GothNebulaFan Character for Goldengorilla by GothNebulaNinja Gamer by GothNebula

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United States

:bulletpurple:Name: Nebula Raven Emerald
:bulletpurple:Age: 20 (Immortal)
:bulletpurple:Species: Hedgehog
:bulletpurple:Allignment: Good.
:bulletpurple:Style: Tomboy & Goth
:bulletpurple:Fur/Hair color: Blue-violet
:bulletpurple:Skin Color: Peach
:bulletpurple:Eye Color: Sky Blue
:bulletpurple:Fighting Style: Jeet Kune Do and Tang Soo Do.
:bulletpurple:Outfit: Black converse shoes, dark blue jeans, black T-shirt, white gloves, and black inlay gold ring bracelets.
:bulletpurple:Powers: Flight, energy blasts, super strength, healing
:bulletpurple:Weaknesses: using too much of her energy blasts can get her tired, can't resist the smell of chicken fingers, getting kicked in the stomach.
:bulletpurple:Personality traits:kind, anti-social, sarcastic, smart, strong, tough.
:bulletpurple:Abilities/Skills: Hand-to-Hand combat, martial arts of Tang Soo Do, artistic, understand emotions and feelings, weapon and firearms combat skills, grinding rails, ninja skills, acrobat.
:bulletpurple:Likes: helping a friend in need, saving innocent lives, drawing, being alone, meditate with Silver, spending some time with Shadow, flying around the city.
:bulletpurple:Dislikes: anyone who hurts a person's feelings, sluts, girly girl things, makeup, perverts, guys flirting or harassing, girls being raped. Sonic and Shadow fighting. Hates being called 'Creepy'
:bulletpurple:Crush: Shadow
:bulletpurple:Friends: Sonic and his friends. Gamer, Jasmine, Katie, and Alex. Adam.
:bulletpurple:Enemies: Sonic (once), Sally, Scourge, Diego, Eggman, Silvia, Jasper and bad guys
:bulletpurple:First Appearance: "Roses Need Love" story
:bulletpurple:Relatives: Father (deceased)
Mother (deceased)
Damien (big brother, but was betrayed. Became neutral.)
Selene (little sister)
Johnny (cousin)
DRN (Dark Rage clone)
Aluben (doppelganger)
Raven (future daughter)
Violet (future niece)
Nega Nebula (nega version)
:bulletpurple:Relationships: Silver (like a brother to her)
Amy (like a sister to her)
Gamer (like a brother to her)
Shadow (love interest, boyfriend)
Scourge (Ex-boyfriend)
:bulletpurple:Favorite Food: Chicken Fingers
:bulletpurple:Fears: Spiders, bugs, zombies.
:bulletpurple:Her Theme: John '00' Flemming - The Astrophysical Nebula…
:bulletpurple:Her Song: "Made of Stone" by Evanescence

:bulletblue: SPEED :star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty:
:bulletred: JUMPING :star::star::star-half::star-empty::star-empty:
:bulletgreen: POWER :star::star::star::star-half::star-empty:
:bulletpurple: SKILL :star::star::star::star::star-half:
:bulletyellow: STAMINA :star::star::star-half::star-empty::star-empty:



.:PC:. Pixel Icon Nebula by Luminous-LullabyNebula by TontoraPoint comission icon2 by xXKidathehedgefoxXx.:Request:. Nebula Icon by GhosttheHedgehog12:.:Icon-COMM.Nebula:.: by luchy1520Nebula sleeping on the moon Icon by GothNebulaNebula Wag tail by LedieuIcissLick Icon: Nebula by GothNebula..:Nebula Icon:.. by sonamy244Pc: Nebula Avatar 50 X 50 by RubintheHorseNebula Icon by CandiPhoenixesCommis: GothNebula by amyrose7.:.Request Nebula Icon.:. by sonamy244Icon: Nebula chaos emerald by GothNebulaCM: GothNebula by CrazyMeliMeloIcon: MLP Nebula clapping by GothNebulaInsane Icon Nebula by GothNebulaPC-Nebula icon by KenotheWolfCommission [Gothnebula] by Chiikalicious-Commission- Nebula Icon by DUSKvsDAWN.:.:PC: Nebula sexy hips icon:.:. by Yin-YangJewelCommission - GothNebula by SapphiresFlameNebula by ULTIMAREOneGotheNebula by Fishlikeyou24Nebula the Hedgehog by CandiPhoenixesNebula heart by xHotPawsx by GothNebulacommision-lineless pixel icon:Nebula by SonickuuuPC: Nebula by SonicForTheWin2MLP Nebula blink icon by GothNebula:PC-GothNebula- Nebula Icon: by DatAwesomeKrysMLP Icon: Nebula flying by GothNebulaAT Icon by Blue-DT by GothNebulaPC: Nebula by KittyKatuNebula Icon by toastiebunsDOLL: Nebula Icon by IinkyDinkyGothNebula by InvisibleResolveNebula Icon by R-no71 by GothNebula.:Icon Commission:. Nebula the Hedgehog by ArtisticFox321Nebula50 Zps653aa500 by GothNebulaAvatar - GothNebula by kiki-the-cat.:PC:. Nebula Icon by KayeilECommision: Nebula Icon by TheLunarMagePC Nebula Icon by KeyaraHedgehog09


Nebula stamp by DarkWolfNiki:PCM:Nebula Stamp by ShayTheHedgehog97Stamp Request 14 by MagicalPouchOfMagic.:: Point Commission for GothNebula ::. by XxNeonPurplexXNebula stamp (COMM) by MaryXFruti=Stamp - Nebula the Hedgehog= by AyaGer-Robotnik


Nebula Fan Button by ButtonsMakerPC - Nebula Banner by lucy-the-cowNebula the Hedgehog Button :3 by OyamanekoMisheruRQ: Nebula Fan Button by SweetsBunnyNebula Fan Button -For GothNebula- by XBluexMoonXShadula Fan Button by ButtonsMakerFB for ~GothNebula by Sora-Aura


Shadula by BlackAura25..:Request Nebula And Shadow:.. by sonamy244Happy birthday, Nebula! by SwiftArt-StarCommission- Shadula pokeball by Blazestar39503Nebula  X Shadow by Jappy12Nebula x Super Shadow by Artic-the-wolfieHappy Birthday Nebula! by Snowleopard2801

Pixel Art/Animated

Point comission icon2.:100x100:. by xXKidathehedgefoxXxBattle Card Nebula By Davuritto-Shoutai by GothNebulaNebula Pixel Doll by LedieuIcissNebula The Hedgehog - Request by LizzyWolfFire6Commission: GothNebula by lmsubscribingGoth Nebula Sprite by Mario0o896-PC- NEBULA INSANE ICON by ChocolateSutoka.:PC:. Floaty Nebula icon by Kaji-Koneko.:PC:. Nebula gallery icon by Kaji-KonekoMaplestory Animation Request - GothNebula by PhaseRoyaleNebula sprite sample by Nomz-ZombiexxPC: Nebula support stamp by Mariathekittiecommsnebula:AT by silhouette-hedgehogNebula animated by R-no71 by GothNebulaPC Nebula Icon 100x100 by KeyaraHedgehog09


GothNebula Commish by Saphfire321Request by Enathegiraffe10 RQ: GothNebula by xXSilverCheeseCakeXxLate Birthday Gift: Nebula by Sunstone-TFNebula by w-olftriggerHappy Birthday Nebula! by MorganTheCat2468GothNebula BDay gift by Guguda01Happy BD GothNebula by JJJJJJfffHappy Birthday Nebula by Jackson93Bday Gift for GothNebula by TomboyishSonicLoverNebula Icon by KeyaraHedgehog09Nebula the Hedgehog by JJJJJJfffAT: Nebula by Sunstone-TFNebula by SpeedKick101Happy Brithday :GothNebula:! by UltraSilver17Nebula the Hedgehog by Snowleopard2801Art trade with GothNebula by Jack-the-hedgehog15Nebula the hedgehog. by shadaze4eva235AT: Nebula by KTCW.:Art Trade:.Nebula the Hedgehog by ChocomaniacatiaGift for GothNebula by DarkAngelofMinecraftCM: Nebula the hedgehog by Argos90Nebula the Hedgehog! by Sonamy2gether4everGothNebula by HollsterweelskittyFor GothNebula by AshponyNebula the Hedgehog by vlowerAT. Nebula by Sad-DuelNebula by heitor-jediComm: GothNebula by Anasko-x3Nebula the Hedgehog by CrispurpleheartsArt Trade: GothNebula by KateSempai46Nebula the hedgehog by mayflowerthehedgehog.For The Light Of Salvation. by ShowTimePSWStar Sapphire Nebula by Berty-J-ANebula by AlyssasonamyRQ Nebula by KeyaraHedgehog09Nebula The Hedgehog by KrockomodoOne for you 'n' one for me by Kyuubi83256AT .:for GothNebula:. by KariRinLu3.:AT with GothNebula- Nebula the Hedgehog:. by GlitterattiFlash4wrdAT: Nebula by Adi-AoiAT .HeroNebula. by FernandaLaErizaArt-Trade- Hero Nebula by SatoshiTakeoAT GothNebula by PaperGuy87Request Done. by taylorw2003(RQ) ESCENA SONIC X ::Nebula the Hedgehog:: by Ultrapaula8AT: GothNebula by MKDynaBladeRequest for GothNebula by VaniHedgehog:AT: GothNebula by Agent-ArizonaAkai and Nebula by LightTHrussianArt trade: Nebula The Hedgehog by CyberKyberDarknessAT: Nebula by xT0ASTIEx.:COMM:. Nebula by Weird-PandaAT GothNebula by PaperGuy87Nebula Wallpaper  by Jappy12Happy Birthday Goth Nebula by nati-50hedgehogHAPPY B-DAY Nebula! - late- by taylorw2003air jump by yumeKasai129RD: Nebula by mhedgehog21On The Full moon... by ScarletVioletHeartRe:Paint Art Nebula The Hedgehog by SonikkuXkawaiiCOMM [GothNebula] : I Believe I Can Fly! by HandepsilonWIP - Nebula Body by HandepsilonNebula the Hedgehog by GamertheHedgehogGothNebula's saddness by sunshine044WIP - Nebula Head by Handepsilon:RQ:Nebula The Hedgehog by MINALIGHTNINGCommission- Nebula Pokeball by Blazestar39503Nebula The Hedgehog - Requested by Chant4Ezkaton2000RQ : Nebula by AkaiDaliaNebula the hedgehog (request) by kaya1231Nebula drawing by SonikkuXkawaii-AT- I'll never lose~ by ChocolateSutokaNebula  by xAngel-HedgehogxBirthday gift: GothNebula by MKDynaBlade.:Nebula The Hedgehog AT:. by Keeshii-MirunReq:Nebula the Hedgehog by AlishDarkRQ Nebula The Hedgehog by protectphoenixwrightNebula practice by SonikkuXkawaiiNebula Page Plushie by CandiPhoenixes.:GIFT:.Nebula the Hedgehog by TomboyishSonicLoverGothNebula by TigMaxNebula the hedgehog by Sonri97Misery Severity and Nebula by XxFiery666xX:PC: for GothNebula by RougeTheBadRequest: Nebula the Hedgehog by DokizoidPC - Nebula the Hedgehog by JanaAngelKitty.:PC:. GothNebula by leechanaNebula Request WIP by EvaelisaSonic channel nebula the hedgehog by Xalisha-light-azureX.:PC:. GothNebula by leechanaTrade: Nebula the Hedgehog by Zephyros-PhoenixChibi Nebula by LittleMissAlyNebula the hedgehog for gothnebula by Star-Midnight-LupiA.T Nebula the hedgehog by shadow--g.:.Gift Nebula Doll.:. by sonamy244Pc: Nebula Avatar 100 x 100 by RubintheHorsePC: Nebula by sonykitten553:AT: Nebula by lunarExorcist.:IC:. by MeganWintersRQ:Nebula the Hedgehog by Unichrome-uni..:Gift Request:..Nebula The Hedgehog by sonamy244.:AT:. Nebula logo by Kaji-KonekoNew Nebula Journal Skin by BlackAura25:RQ: Nebula Journal Skin (FIXED) by BlackAura25Nebula~Fan Character drawing for GothNebula by XStArStRuCkBaMaLea99AT: Nebula the hedgehog by Blinded-Djinn.:AT:. by MeganWintersRQ: Nebula The Hedgehog Lineart by Amies-ComishsRQ: Nebula the Hedgehog (HORRIBLE SHADING) by iamthemanwithglassesrq 4 GothNebula by SEGAfan15Request: Nebula the Hedgehog (4th Attempt) 1/2 by iamthemanwithglassesRQ-GothNebula by CandiPhoenixesLet's see what you got by Eazy-Tagz:A-T: Nebula by ChaoChaoperson~.: Art Trade with GothNebula.:~ by Celeste-the-Cat~Nebula :D by ccaermzNebula .:Art Trade:. by KittyClaw12::GIFT:: Nebula the Hedgehog by BlackAura25.:PC:. Nebula the hedgehog by Eazy-TagzRQ ^^ by KittyClaw12Nebula the hegehog (gift) by cheeseprincess91gift art: Nebula by puplver200_Nebula_the_hedghog_ by houseofthechaoshappy birthday nebula!!!!! by sgtfrog101
Hey, guys. Has any of you ever played any Tomb Raider PlayStation games before? Yesterday I was playing Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation game. Ever since I was a kid when that game came out, I had a hard time getting to the next levels. Years later I'm now playing the game again which I haven't played for so long. And I hope I get to the last level. And to watch out for any booby traps that gets in my way. ^^;

The beginning always refreshes my memory sometimes.
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Vamphog by AkaiDalia
by AkaiDalia

Sonic is like the king of the vampires!!! I love the shades and details of him standing on the lamppost at night time. It makes him loo...



Sep 1, 2014
8:44 pm
Sep 1, 2014
8:38 pm
Sep 1, 2014
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Sep 1, 2014
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Sep 1, 2014
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Congrats on premium :3
Wed Aug 27, 2014, 12:27 PM
thank cu for the lama x3 *yay hug tackel*
Tue Jun 4, 2013, 9:55 AM
thanks :)
Sun May 26, 2013, 1:30 PM
Happy Birthday
Fri May 24, 2013, 5:01 PM
Thank you soooo much for the llama :squee:
Wed May 15, 2013, 10:03 AM
thanks :)
Tue May 14, 2013, 6:00 PM
I like your art!!!
Tue May 14, 2013, 10:45 AM
thx for the llama :D
Thu May 9, 2013, 11:25 AM
Today I made art Sonic Holding Chaos Emerald with Amy Rose . Just click to my deviantart account called ~lukaszrygal44
Tue May 7, 2013, 7:37 AM
thanks for the lama :D
Tue May 7, 2013, 5:12 AM

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